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Kefir storage?

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I am going on vacation for a week and need to store my milk kefir grains. I know there are instructions for this in the big kefir thread, but I cannot seem to find it. Can anyone tell me what to do, or link me to that thread. TIA
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Just give 'em fresh milk & stick 'em in the fridge. I've left mine like that for 2 months on a few occasions & they've always bounced back just fine.

Last summer I took mine camping for 10 days - that was fun.
Wow, thanks, that's easy.

I think my dh would really think I had gone off the deep end if I took the grains camping. You must be an NT goddess or something. My kids are lucky if they get anything resembling real food on a 10 day pack trip. Wild blackberries are about it for us.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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