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I heard on my local news tonight that Kellogs company has put a small childrens toy in all of their cereal boxes that contains MERCURY. Why would this huge corporation that targets young kids volunteer to do this? It's a new spiderman toy. I'm furious about this. Mercury is very toxic and from my knowledge it was removed from batteries in 1996 due to the toxin level involved. It even says on the back of the box of cereal not to throw away. Ok how many families are reading that small print. Kellogs has just willingly shoved it into the kids hands and then it will go to the landfill........ This is crazy I cannot believe these company's have so much control. I wrote them and will not buy a single Kellogs product until they make good of this. Please mama's help. I don't know what to do. Any good suggestions?

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i heard the exact same story this AM on my local station. after the report the anchor made a remark something along the lines of, "mercury! i don't want mercury in my fish so why would i want it floating in my cereal?!" and the co-anchor was like, uh, yeah - the only place i want mercury is in a weather thermometer - now to you, weatherperson so and so...

i was so waiting for one of them to say something about mercury in vaccinations/amalgams. in a perfect world, right?
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ugh, how horrible!!

also, as far as i know, all kellogs cereals are gmo'd.
John Harvey Kellogg was also very pro-circ and claimed that it should be done without anesthetic so that the infant would make a connection between his penis and pain, and thus prevent masturbation.

Has anyone seen the movie "The Road to Wellville"?

That is nuts. I think I will pass on the mercury gmo laden cereal thanks.
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Originally Posted by Greaseball
Has anyone seen the movie "The Road to Wellville"?

I LOVE that movie! All the examination of turds....the mastication song....and the ladies smiling on the bikes! Classic!

Yes, Kellogg was a loon. Isn't that also why he invented corn flakes? Again, to somehow prevent masturbation?
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Post cereal tastes better than Kellogg's anyway. And as far as I know, no weird sexual issues behind it.
I never knew anything about the man who invented Kellogs. but putting a toy filled with mercury in all these cereal boxes is the wrong way to go. even if we mama's don't eat the cereal for the sake of poor nutrition and gmo's. the fact remains other people are buying it and that mercury toxin toy will probably end up in the landfill. I guess thats my problem more than anything!
Ok, how is this even legal????
Three cheers for Connecticut!

So it's off the shelves in one state. Now what do we do to get it off the shelves everywhere? (Need to go check the laws in Canada!)
Is this the spiderman toy in the Frosted Flakes? If so, it isn't in the cereal, it's in a sealed plastic bag in the box but outside of the sealed cereal bag, kwim?

I really doubt that people will dispose of the toy properly, though. Most folks will just throw it in the trash.

I like the warning for kids not to look directly into the light. Kids like looking in light! Especially cool red ones emminating from their new "Spidey-watches"
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