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Howdy y'all!<br>
I have finally decided that I am sick and tired of being treated like the worst mother in the world! I dread my DS's trips to the pediatrician for several reasons - the latest being that we have decided to delay his vaccinations until he is two. He has had his shots through 9mo but everytime we did so, his eczema would flare to the point of needing steroids. The same dr's want to prescribe him Elidel (known to cause cancer) to combat the eczema instead of eliminating the cause. If you are looking for a good set of pediatricians may I <b>NOT</b> recommend Wellstar North Cobb Pediatrics on Hawkins Store Road in Kennesaw?<br><br>
So anyway, I am looking for a pediatrician or GP in the Kennesaw / Marietta area that is okay with delaying vaccinations. Hopefully I can get a few names so that I can find one my insurance uses.<br><br>
Thanks in advance!!
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