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I have a question. (I am in central FL) I found a birthing center with midwives that would take a VBAC as a patient but would have to deliver in a hospital. I was ok with that, since the mw would be there for the labor and hopefully no one would bother us.
When I went to do the paperwork, I was told that I would have to prepay the costs - appx $3000 and "hopefully" get reimbursed by my insurance company. There was no way I was going to come up with 3 grand in cash in a few short months, so I ended up going to their back-up docs, who are known to be as pro-VBAC as one can be around here.
I have since called the birthing center a few times to try to find out WHY this is the case, and no one really seems to know why. And it only applies to MY insurance company, not others. (I have Blue Cross Blue Shield) One of the MWs emailed me and said that BCBS discriminates against midwives and that she'd love to talk to me about it, but frankly I never called back because no matter what, I would still have to pay $3000.
Have you ever heard of this before? WTH is up with this? I am HOPING by my next kid they work this all out.
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