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Kicking Baby!

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Ok, can I be excited for a minute, please? My baby is kicking! Yeah!!!!!!!!

Sorry about that... Its just that I'm 19 weeks pregnant and, like others of you having homebirths I'm sure, I've yet to get to hear a heartbeat, see the babe, etc. So I can get paranoid and imagine there's no baby in there... But this week, it started kicking regularly! No doubt about it and I'm excited because I really feel there's a baby in there now, kwim?

Anyway, just needed to share.
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That's so exciting!!! Yay!!
I can't wait for my lil one to start!
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Yay...such fun!

My little one is kicking too...I actually have felt a few of the kicks from the outside. With DS, I was barely feeling little flutters by now. I must be carrying a lot higher this time!
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I had my first BH ctx today. That was cool. This babe is a roller rather than a puncher--I'll take that anyday!

I noticed that too! That the baby flips around doing somersaults much more than jabs and pokes, lol. I just hope it flips into the right position before delivery....
I've just started feeling my baby moving about this week, too! It's been more of a bunch of full-body movements and less of a kick here and there this time for me too. I love this part of the journey! We're 18 weeks tomorrow and feeling great. It's been a wonderful second trimester after a challenging and vomit-filled first trimester. I'm enjoying my little kanga-pouch of a belly, too!!
I'm with you, MabelsMom! I'm 19 weeks too and am feeling regular movement. In fact, I had my fetoscope out last night (keep waiting to hear that beautiful sound) and the baby kicked me twice! I cracked up and told the baby "sorry...go back to sleep." It was classic!

I'm so excited! Good luck to us all!
GrantsMommy, can I ask you where you got your fetascope? I heard about those babybeat dopplers and thought it would be a neat thing to have, but don't want to keep exposing ultrasound waves to the baby when I listen in. I did a search online and didn't really come up with anywhere that sells the fetascopes. Thanks

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You can call Cascade Healthcare Products @ 800-443-9942. I have the item #2055 and it was $25 plus shipping. It has 22" of tubing so you can hear too, not just dh. It also has that other piece that helps with conducting the sound. It's in the Moonflower Natural Products catalog (out of Oregon). You may want to get a catalog because they have a lot of neat books and supplies. My midwife gave it to me. I don't have a web address on the catalog.

FYI, with ds, I couldn't hear it on a regular basis until 24 -26 don't freak out if it's hard to pick up. Once I heard it though, I'd listen when I was home for lunch everyday!

Also, search for fetOscope and you may find others!
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Mine was kicking all on one side, then the other night I felt it doing a big flip and now all the kicks are on the other side! Sometimes they are in the middle which at this stage really tickles because they are still little gentle kicks.
I think the baby kicking is the best part of pregnancy.
Grantsmommy, embarassing

I found a few places to order from online, hopefully I'll be getting it around the time I can start hearing the baby's heartbeat!

Thanks again
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Don't feel bad...I'm terrible at spelling. I only pointed it out to give you a few more options!
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