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Kid-friendly EFAs?

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Does anyone have suggestions for affordable, almost-3-year-old compatible sources of EFAs? I buy Golden Circle (EFA supplemented) egss, but it's a crap shoot as to whether he'll eat much of them on any given day. He's off of smoothies
and oatmeal these days, and those were my stealth ways to get flax into him (I don't have time to bake, unfortunately, and am unsure of that whole heating flax thing, anyway). He's also off of the emulsified cod liver oil for some reason - never had a problem with it before and suddenly doesn't want it. I'm really worried about getting sufficient EFAs into him.... any tips are welcome and hugely appreciated!

On the up side, my little carbovore did single-handedly decide that he was going to have an orange for breakfast! WOOHOO!
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A few things:
Do NOT heat the flax oil. It needs to be kept in the dark and cold.

Have you tried putting flax oil on things like potatoes, veggies or popcorn. It may take a little while to adjust to the taste, but my kids will take it that way. It is not to be heated, but if you put it on the warm food right before they eat it, it's okay.

Also, a great tip I use, mix equal amounts of butter & flax seed oil. Only do a little at a time because it will go rancid. Then keep it in the fridge. I mix up 2 tablespoons of each together & make it like a whipped butter then use it all day on whatever they eat.

I trust that my children are more in tune with their bodies and know what they need and how much. My oldest will eat sugar when he's with his dad and then come home and ask me for acidophilous. My youngest knows his flax seed oil. Some days he will take 6 spoonfuls (right off the spoon) and then he won't touch it other days. Perhaps your child knows that he doesn't need it right now. I keep offering & my children let me know what they need & when.
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*walnuts, pecans, almonds
*sunflower seeds
*olive oil & grapeseed oil
*hemp seeds (sprinkle on cereal, bake into muffins, add to stirfries, etc)
*flax meal (sprinkle over foods, bake into foods)
*wild caught salmon

For extra supplementation, if he won't tolerate the oils, Nordic Naturals makes a kids DHA supplement:
They also offer a fruit flavored cod liver oil:
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Fish is great - especially wild salmon, mackeral, cod.

Also, you can grind flax seeds and walnuts in a coffee grinder or blender and then add them to anything he will eat - cereal, yogurt, over fruit, mixed into rice or mashed squash - you get the idea. And they are way cheaper than supplements.
Have you tried Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA? It's strawberry flavored gels, my son loves it. or you can get at whole foods
Thanks, everybody! I put flax oil on his bagel this morning and let him dip it in a bit of syrup - he was sold!

Bebe luna - I wish he would eat all of those things! Unfortunately, he seems to be following in his father's footsteps and hardly wanting any variety in his diet (largely because his father is now responsible for feeding him dinner which often consists of cereal
). He used to eat so many different things.... I'm still working on him during the day, of course, so there is hope that his repertoire will expand.

I'll keep working on adding the flax and hemp to things and am going to check out the Nordic Naturals supplements, too!
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