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These are all in great condition in original cases, $10 each obo, if they are marked with *S*, it means they are SEALED, never opened!<br><br><b>Adults</b><br><br>
Valley Girl (Nicolas Cage & Deborah Foreman) watched once<br><br><b>KIDS</b><br><br>
Okay, a little embarrassed to admit we have this kind of stash! LOL BUT... we are running out of room and just got DVDs, so...<br><br>
All are in great-excellent condition unless noted---original cases<br>
$10 each--5 for $40, 10 for $70<br><br>
*S* Stands for SEALED<br><br>
101 Dalmations Live-Glenn Close<b>PENDING</b><br>
102 Dalmations<br>
A Bugs Life<br>
A Charlie Brown Christmas<br>
Alice in Wonderland<br>
All Dogs Go To Heaven<br>
Amazing Panda Adventure<br>
An American Tail<br>
An American Tail Fievel Goes West<br>
An American Tail The Mystery of the Night Monster<br>
An American Tail The Treasure of Manhattan Island<br>
An Extremely Goofy Movie<br>
Annie (Disney)<br>
Arthur's Perfect Christmas<br>
Beauty and the Beast<br>
Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas<br>
Belles Tales of Friendship<br>
Blue's Big Musical Movie<br>
Cats Don't Dance<br>
Digimon the Movie<br>
Doug's First Movie<br>
Fantasia 2000<br>
Free Willy<br>
Free Willy II<br>
Fun & Fancy Free<br>
Harry Potter and the Sorcerors Stone<br>
Honey We Shrunk Ourselves<br>
How the West was Fun<br>
Inspector Gadget<br>
It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown<br>
Kiki's Delivery Service <b>PENDING</b><br>
Lady & The Tramp<br>
Lady & The Tramp II<br>
Lion King II Simba's Pride<br>
Madeline Live<br>
Madeline Lost in Paris<br>
Mary Kate & Ashley Vacation Parties<br>
Mary Poppins<br>
Monsters Inc <b>PENDING</b><br>
Mulan <b>PENDING</b><br>
Peter Pan<br>
Peter Pan Return to Neverland<br>
Pokemon 3<br>
Rudolph the Movie<br>
Rugrats in Paris<br>
Rugrats Movie<br>
Sleeping Beauty<br>
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves<br>
Spirited Away <b>PENDING</b><br>
Stuart Little<br>
Tarzan <b>PENDING</b><br>
The Aristocats<br>
The Black Cauldron<br>
The Book of Pooh<br>
The Brave Little Toaster<br>
The Emperors New Groove<br>
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas<br>
The Hunchback of Notre Dame has original artwork, but case plastic is messed up<br>
The Iron Giant<br>
The Jungle Book <b>PENDING</b><br>
The Jungle Book- Mowgli's Story<br>
The King & I<br>
The Land Before Time 9 Journey to Big Water<br>
The Lion King<br>
The Little Mermaid<br>
The Little Mermaid II Return to the Sea<br>
The Nuttiest Nutcracker<br>
The Parent Trap (New)<br>
The Prince of Egypt<br>
The Rescuers<br>
The Road to El Dorado<br>
The Three Caballeros<br>
The Tigger Movie<br>
The Wizard of Oz<br>
Toy Story--has original artwork, but case plastic is messed up<br>
Toy Story II<br>
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory<br>
Winnie the Pooh & Christmas Too<br><br><b>Baby Einstein VHS</b><br><br>
Baby Newton *S* <b>PENDING</b><br>
Baby Santa's Music Box<br>
Baby Mozart<br>
Baby Einstein Language Nursery<br>
Baby Shakespeare *S*<br>
Baby Van Gogh *S*<br>
Baby Beethoven *S*<br><br>
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