Kids Begging for a Puppy? Here's Why You Should Probably Give InIf you're looking for yet another reason to love your dog -- or need an extra excuse to add one to the family -- check this out:

A study from the University of Wisconsin looked into the correlation between childhood exposure to furred animals, specifically dogs, and the development of certain allergies.

Researchers found that children born into a home where a dog was present were 14% less likely to develop pet allergies than those born into a pet-free home. Young children with furry friends in the home were also found to have a reduced risk of eczema and a stronger immune system in the first years of life.

This surprising bit of news can be added to a ever-growing list of real health benefits that come from cohabitating with a four-legged friend.

According to the CDC, pet ownership can reduce your blood pressure and help to decrease levels of cholesterol. Pets, like cats or dogs, can also help manage anxiety and depression by providing love, companionship and a sense of security on a daily basis.

Having an animal companion of any sort will inevitably bring a number of benefits to your life, but many say that having a dog takes pet-benefits to the next level.

It's true, research shows that dogs can provide their human friends with certain advantages that, for example, cats cannot.

While providing all the pros mentioned above, dogs also get you out the door and into the fresh air -- and they can even encourage interaction with others. The health benefits that can come from this increase in physical activity and social interaction are exponential, especially for those who tend to struggle with these concepts on their own.

The combination of all of these positive factors places dogs firmly at the top of the heap when it comes to pets improving your quality of life. For this, dogs deserve our gratitude and, of course, more bacon.