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Kids say the darndest things!

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This is a thread on another board I visit, and thought it would be a great one here as well.

So what things have your kids (or somebody else's) said that made you
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well, I didnt really respond like that exactly, It was more like
When my dd gave me back my cell phone and said "they used to be called telephones."
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in regards to my newborn soaking thru his dipe onto his romper my 3 yr old told me "Mommy he's a bad boy for pee'ing his pants!"
DD1 interrupted the middle of our Passover dinner (which is kind of a religious service at the dinner table), looked across the table at my mother, and said, loudly, "Savta (grandma), do you remember when I folded your underpants?"
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My two year old will tell anyone that makes him laugh "You're full of it!" though it comes out more like "You full dit" which makes them think he's telling them they're full of something else!
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Not my own kid, but a member of my Brownie troop who is Jewish had her turn to bring the snack during Passover and brought homemade "bagels" made from ground-up matzoh, which led to her explaining to the others what matzoh is. Seems that when the Jews were leaving Egypt, they were in such a hurry that they had to make the bread really thin so it would bake on their backs as they walked stooped over in the desert sun, and that is how matzoh is still made today--baked on the bare backs of Jews!
Funny how some of the girls did not want to eat the bagels after hearing this.
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Last week, I asked my ds how he knew we were meeting friends for lunch. He said, "Because I have a sensitive brain."

Five minutes later he says "Mom, I'm thinkin' about somethin'."
Yes. . .
"I'm thinkin' about the old days."
What about those old days?
"You know. When Daddy used to take baths with me."
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When DS was 2we were at a family reunion at a relatives house. They had a hot tub and he got out, took off his swimmer and loudly announced to my religious and private family "EVERYBODY PLAY NAKED!!!"

When he was 3 he asked my grandfather "Grandpa, do you have a penis or a vagina?"

A few weeks ago we were playing cars (he's 4 now) and his car was being mean to my car. So my car asked "why are you being so mean to me?" his car answered "BE-CAUSE! My mom didn't breastfeed me!"
I don't know where he got that, really I don't!
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Rigama> woweee that one's got the wittiest funniest remarks!!!!!!
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Oh I am looking foward to that witty child thought!!!

Ds isn't speaking but I remember my mother telling me what I said when i was little.

I have a little sister and when i was about 3 or 4 my mother asked me what i thought about haveing another baby brother or sister. I pointed at my sister and asked "well what are you going to do with that one?"

apparently theres only room for 2 and i wasn't going anywhere!!

um...we never did have that 3rd child.
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DS was singing today:

"do you know the mushroom man, the mushroom man, the mushroom man, do you know the mushroom man, who lives on <mumble> lane?"

Another gem "Cowboys ride horses. And Horseboys ride cows."
My 2 year old DS hit his head on the counter and came running and crying to me. I scooped him up and asked him where he got hurt. He jumped off my lap, pointed to the counter, and said "right here".
Just now, as I was reading this, I heard dd saying to dh: "you really need to floss your teeth, because they're all gungy, and I can see spaghetti sauce in there"...

We haven't eaten spaghetti in over a month...
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