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Gotta make some room. Pics available of everything. Paypal (Credit cards OK if you pay fees), money order, or concealed cash preferred, Shipping is not included, but I'll mail the cheapest way.

************************************************** ***************


ShooShoos, 6-12 mo., lilac sandals, very good condition, $9

Kidoz, 18-24 mo., very pale pink, NEW, wide width, $12


Madeline Lost in Paris, in case, $3

Mulan, in case, $3

Fantasia 2000, in nicked case, $2

Franklin Plays the Game, in case, $2

There Goes a Bulldozer, in cover, $2

Blue's Clues, Blue Talks, no cover, $1

Barney Goes to School, no cover, $1

Barney's What a World We Share, no cover, $1

Sesame Street, Telling the Truth, no case, $1

LeapPad Book and Cartridge, NIP $6
Spanish Los Mamiferos (Mammals)

LeapPad Book and Cartridge, NIP $6
Spanish Bob y Lofty Salvan el Dia (Bob the Builder)


Fraction Circles - awesome math manipulatives for teaching fractions, whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 hard plastic in a clear plastic case, 3 1/2 inches in diameter. NEW! $8 each set (I have 2 of them)

Considering God's Creation, NEW, teacher and student book and CD, $23

Minquon Math Annotations, $5

Minquon Math , Red book, new $3

Minquon Math, Purple Book, new $3

Bob Jones Math Review workbooks, new, grades 1-4, $9 each

CLP Building Spelling Skills Book 1 new, $5

Writing Strands Level 1, $5


Boat design wallpaper border, cute design in primary colors, 4 rolls (each roll is 5 yds), $10 for all 4 rolls.

Wooden Bead Maze, smaller size in excellent condition, $5

CRIB SHEETS in great condition, one is Winnie the Pooh print and the other is a pink, purple, and yellow flowers and hearts print. $2 each

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