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Kilt diaper (not really...but my first diaper!)

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I am so grateful for everyone's help on this forum!!

Here is my first diaper!

It's almost laughable but I'm so proud! I learned much with this (like turning the inside fabric around
, and seam allowances, and use lighter colored thread

I used $1/yard flannel I found this weekend and an old towel for the middle layer and I'll make a soaker insert for it out of the same towel, so this diaper cost maybe 20c
(cheaper then the Huggies my toddler uses I think!) I goofed on the seams and it's supposed to be a medium but I think it'll be closer to fitting like a small
so I can't try it out on my toddler. But I'll make more, and make them in large so I can test out their usability befoer this baby comes. Plus on payday, I'll be getting PUL and microfleece, these early one are going to be great practice
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I think it looks good! Very cute. You'll get better each time, plus it's fun either way.
OMG! I swear that's the same diaper I made this past weekend (for the first time in a couple of years - wow, cloth diapers have sooo many options)!!

Same $1 (Walmart) "tartan" flannel. Same idea on the old towell I had here to use as the middle layer and soaker (although I sewed mine in - did you make yours pocket?). Same little wing-tabs , lol!

I didn't use a pattern (just traced a disposable diaper I had on hand from dc's bed-wetting days), and it was supposed to be a large but I tried to put it on dc and it fits more like a medium. Bummer! So, I can't properly test mine out either *sigh* LOL!

DC is out of diapers, and I am not planning any other children in the near future, but all of a sudden I am in full diaper-making frenzy mode!!! It's ridiculous! I went and got a whole bolt of flannel to put my old towells into, and plenty of elastic and velcro to make atleast a zillion diapers or so (haha).

I think I am going to mess around with sizing etc and tweaking my "pattern", then donate them all in the MDC Giving forum.

So, anyway, I think your diaper looks GREAT and an excellent job for a first timer!
Well done!
I'm off to crank out masses of 'Kilt' fitteds, LOL!
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Wow, that looks great for your first diaper. My first diaper was such a bust that the only thing I coud do was harvest it for parts. I tried to make an AIO with a two fold (think Rumpsters) quick dry soaker from a fitted diaper pattern
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Great work! I love that tartan plaid. As long as it holds poop and pee, that's all that matters, although we diaper sewin' mamas have a bad habit of nitpicking our work, don't we?
What an awesome first diaper. I only wish my first one had looked that good!
It looks like you're well on your way to making many cute diapers! Plus, at 20 cents/diaper, you can't go wrong!
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That's the awesomest! When my dog was first potty training I used cloth diapers but they were no where as cool as that. Way 2 go Synthea!
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