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I've been lurking but I am diving in now

I'm a single mom to a very awesome 3 1/2 year old little guy. I was married, and I'm very glad to be divorced. ex is very full of problems.
In fact, I just celebrated my one-year divorsary on Juneteenth. here in Texas, Juneteenth is the day Texan slaves received notice of their emancipation. So it's also a great day to celebrate my personal liberation.

I am working full-time at a small company where I'm very bored but I have a wonderful and flexible boss. I'm looking forward to going back to school soon to get my teacher certification and hope to go into bilingual ed. and then on to maybe social work grad school or maybe ESL> we'll see how this road goes, where it takes me.

I'm 31.
I grew up in a big religious family and went to boarding school in a small religious community. but...
I'm the wanderer and I left that behind in my teens.
My family live all scattered, as far away as Calgary and Philadelphia. but my sister has come to live with me and my son for a little while as she decides where she'll go next. So we have company for a while. and she's the other black sheep of the family, so we get along splendidly.

I've been to and studied and worked in South America... my son's sperm supplier (my ex husband) is from there. I'm fairly bilingual and love that. although my son is fairly non-bilingual. but it's all good. one parent can only do so much in an english-language dominated world.

I've dated and I've not dated since ex has been out of the picture.
(Oh yeah, he is one of those special ones who feels they have every reason to feel victimized by life at every turn and thus has reason to not pay child support or visit his child or even tell me where he lives. hmm.)
Right now I'm working on dating instead of just jumping seriously in and months later coming out wondering how I got that far in... It's kind of fun. and tricky.

I have a group of great family-type friends who keep me up and running. Lots of child care swaps. lots of meals together. lots of "i'm coming over before I lose it totally/do you have any wine?"

I'm working now so I'll stop.
just wanted to introduce.
You all seem like a great gang.
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