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Kinda freaked and afraid doc will blow me off--Update

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Thanks for the replies! I saw my new OB today and he immediately referred me to an endocrinologist (the PCP refused my outright request for one
and he is taking it very seriously and connecting the dots the same way I did.

So I guess this is good news???? I would hate to have a pituitary problem but at the same time it would explain SO much and finally I would have a diagnosis that makes sense kwim?


This is the email I just sent my doc...

"In a strange twist of events, I am doing some freelance writing regarding the pituitary, given that my blood work to date is normal, yet I continue to be annovulatory despite previous menstruation with a history of inverse LH/FSH ratios and Cushings with low dose steroids, would it be a good idea to test for hormonal issues related to the pituitary?"

Basically I am infertile with no family history and have all sorts of sensitivity to steroids for asthma that aren't supposed to happen that wreak hormonal havoc and my other hormone levels have been wonky in the past and everything just seems to fit boom-boom-boom when I researched hypopituitarism and pituitary tumors for an article I'm writing.

So I'm a little freaked and just needed to get it out.

Oh and the blood work they've done so far is regular stuff, not necessarily what they would do for pituitary.

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MY hubby has a pituitary tumor and yes they are very commonly found in women of childbearing age due to infertility. His was just massive and affected his vision. There are things they can do to treat them with out surgery if needed.
I would press for pituitary testing I think. If your MD blows you off just be persistent. He works for you!

Good luck.
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