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Kissaluvs Size 1 - What cover?

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I purchased some Kissaluvs from the outlet store a few weeks ago and finally have them washed and ready for DD. I put her in one tonight under a Bumkins medium-size cover and it kind of felt like a tight fit to get everything under the cover.
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The Kissaluvs website has a fabulous "fit matrix" page with all sorts of info about what covers work with their diapers:

I think they recommend that you size up on Bummis covers. I've been successfully using medium Bummis snap covers with my size 2 Kissaluvs on my 14-19 lb. dd (I bought large), but we'll be sizing up well before she reaches the 30 lbs. that the Bummis Med is supposed to cover.

I use a sm Bumpy wool, sm Bummis, sm MEAF or med Loveybums. However, Zane only weighs 11-12 lbs.
Ohhh thank you for the link to the matrix. Bumkins is listed as a maybe, no wonder it was a tight fit.
i love dancing bears fleece pull up covers, and found they did great over my kissaluvs when ollie was little. they have a lot of give.
hmmm...we use size small bummis and bumkins, they both seem to fit over just fine!
Just noticed that your original post referred to BumKINS, not BumMIS! I guess it would be helpful if one read more than the first three letters of a word.....
: Well, anyway, the fit matrix is helpful, isn't it?
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