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I'm so in love with kissaluvs! They look sooo nice! I have 24 prefolds on the way, anyone know how many fitteds I'd need? I'll probably become additced to fitteds and not use prefolds knowing

Does anyone really love prefolds/hate fitteds or vice versa? Love both?
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I am guessing you are buying for a newborn. If I were in your shoes I would get 12 kissaluvs. That gives you 3 dozen diapers total, which I think is a nice amount. If you think you might want to use fitteds more than prefolds, then maybe get 2 dozen kissaluvs if you can swing it. The nice thing about kissaluvs is they resell well. Bac-out, mini-showering, and sunning are 3 ways to prevent/deal with staining so they sell better.

The thing about prefolds is that they have a learning curve. Make sure you have some snappis. Jellyroll or sidewall fold (same thing) is good for holding in bf baby poo. Do a forum search to find pics. The nice thing about learning to put prefolds on a newborn is they don't squirm around like an older baby.

Have fun playing with your new diapers, and congrats on the baby!
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I like prefolds and really like fitteds. I would love fitted diapers and like prefolds more than I do but my hatred of the covers I am using keeps me from loving them. So, I would luv em if it weren't for that!
I couldn't figure out prefolds until my baby was older - I liked KLs because they were easy for me to put on. I agree, can't go wrong with a dozen KLs!
Thanks! I'm going to try swinging buying 6 now, and hopefully we'll be able to afford more later. I'm just starting CD'ing my 4.5 mo old, so it's a work in progress building up a good stash. I though fitteds might be good for DH and my mom so they can change diapers too.
Sorry, one more Q...which is better the fleece only or the fleece terry? DS is in size 1 (he's a chunk, 4.5 mo and over 16lbs)
I wouldn't buy Kissaluvs for a 4.5 month old, they aren't very absorbent and he'll be soaking them soon and you'll end up with leaks! I've heard they're great for newborns but not for older babies. I'd go for a more absorbent diaper of you like fitteds. I like Sammies Onesize & Lucy's Hopechest but there are lots of different options out there. has lots of reviews as does the reviews section here. Good Luck!
Disclaimer: from what I've read on this board the vast majority of people agree with the pp that kissaluvs aren't good for bigger babies.

But I still squeeze my 20mo, 26 pound DS into the kissaluv size 1s. They are my favorite around the house diaper. If you add kissaluvs super soaker doublers (which I only bother with if we are going out) they absorb fine imo. Since he's getting big I don't put a cover or clothes over them anymore--that's why these days they are just around the house dipes.

I believe kissaluvs says the ones with terry are more absorbant. I only have one of those and the rest with just cotton fleece. I like the cotton fleece ones cuz they are so snuggly. I got really lucky and bought a dozen size 1 kissanots (kissaluvs 3rds and 4ths from the kissaluvs outlet store for $40--and only one of them had something wrong with it that I could find--a snap went bad.) You might want to get on the kissaluvs mailing list to find out about when they might do this again. Or email/call and ask.

If you want to do fitteds, I agree with the pp suggestion of thinking about going with a one-size diaper. These will fit your child for a longer period of time than the kissaluvs size 1s. Muttaquins are popular at MDC. You can get on the waiting list for a custom slot. I have 1 SOS but they are hyena so really, really difficult to get. You have to pretty much buy them one at a time. I use ecobaby grow with me one size diapers and really like them. I got mine at Another one size diaper you might want to try are Mother-Ease One Size (MEOS) They are always on ebay. I have a girlfriend who uses them and likes them fine. You need a doubler for bigger babies. My friend says the ME doublers are not the best. She uses prefolds as doublers for her 19mo DD.

Good luck! Have fun!
We got a dozen "kissanots" size 1s also and like the pp said, they make good around the house diapers. My 20 lb 12 month old fits in them fine and still has some growing room.

I prefer my fireflys, but they're pricey.
FYI, kissaluvs outlet store just stocked, so you COULD get a dozen more!
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