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Kitty Door!

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We used to have the cat box in the guest room, but now that is the baby's room. There is nowhere else to put the cat box that is out of the way, so we decided to put it in an empty closet by the front door, and install a kitty door for the cats to go in and out. So my question is, how do you train your cats to use the kitty door!? We put both cats in the closet with their box and closed the door. We tried holding the little kitty door open, just to show them that it opens. We walked away, and eventually the one cat did realize she can walk through the door, but the other one was in the closet sniffing at the door for at least a half hour and never got out. I just let her out myself. Maybe an hour later, the cat who figured out how to get out on her own, was crying and acting like she had to use the cat box, but would not go through the kitty door, so I ended up just opening the closet door so there would be no accidents! So my question- How do you train your cat to use the kitty door?
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I imagine they would eventually get it, if you wait it out and use lots of treats. But we did the same as you, put the catbox in a closet with a catdoor in the door. We got frustrated and just took the flap off. So it was basically a framed hole in the door and the cats had no problems with it. And the hole was still too small for kids or dogs to get to the catbox.
I would leave the door open for awhile so they get use to going in there to potty ande then maybe start closing it for a few hours every day. They should get the hang of it. My cats go to the basement to eat or potty so they quickly learned the kitty door, although 3 of the 4 still wait for me to open it when I'm taking their food down.
We use a kitty door, when we installed it, we had the door open and the kitty door open, dh on one side, me on the other both with tuna, the kitties caught on quick
We then closed the kitty door and showed them how to push it open, again with some tuna on the other side.
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We put in a kitty door but like a previous poster, we ended up taking the flap off and just leaving a cut-out in the door (it is framed with wood and looks nice). The reason one of our cats wouldn't use it is that he is older and couldn't get through it fast enough, and the door would whack his tail every time. I would watch them go through it, and see if it is hitting them on the way down.
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