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Knit in the round basics?

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How exactly is this done? Is the technique easy to explain, or is there a website that shows it? And is it easier to use circular needles or double points? Thanks!
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Circs are easier to learn on, you can figure out DP's later. (DP's are used for small circumfrance knitting, so knitting that tiny with tons of DP needles gets confusing)

This will help you out, it has video

I love knitting in the round (you dont have to turn and purl!) goes a lot faster
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I just learned to knit in the round using the above-mentioned site. I agree with the pp that circs are easier than dp to start out. A problem I had when I first started was picking up my knitting after I had been doing something else and then going in the wrong direction. So one side ended up way taller.
: It helps to keep tracdk of what you are doing to use a stitch marker (a safety pin will work if you won't have one). Also, when you pick up your knitting after being away, you have to look at the last stitch you did (look 4 the stitch that has the yarn hanging out of it). If you knit english style (which i think many new knitters do), you want the stitch with the yarn coming out of it to be in your right hand.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE knitting in the round. Once you figure out how to join, it is the easiest thing ever!!!

I agree with pp that you may sometimes go the wrong way, so make sure your yarn is in the correct hand. I knit Continental though, and my hanging yarn side is in my right hand too.


It is fun! OK, I'm a total newbie, so I'm not offering advice, I'm just chipping in, but I've started knitting a pair of socks for my ds on 4 dpn, and it's sooooooo cool! It took me a few tries to "get it", but now it seems totally natural. And I love how it's RS out, so I can see right away when (not if, but when) I make mistakes. :LOL
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