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knit undershirt for newborn - will this work?

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what do you think of this pattern? Does it look like it's going to work?

Also, any reason it has to be done in all k1p1 rib??
And lastly, I totally understand until the part where it says to break the yarn, and in the next line, it just keeps going with more knitting. Huh? The yarn is broken on both sides, right?

Just trying to get this...

thanks so much in advance.
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That patterns been there for a while, lol. I made these for my 6yo when he was a baby. I chose to do k2p2 ribbing though. I can't remember if I had to add any stitches to make it work though. It's ribbing because it needs to fit closely otherwise it'd be too bulky to use as an undershirt.
ah, ok, well these will probably be worn alone with a diaper on hot days. Any idea how to help me with that part of the pattern I'm not getting?
If you look at the diagram it shows a split in the fron of the neckline. You are working on one side of the slit first, then you break the yarn and attach the ball of yarn to the side of the slit that you haven't done yet. Does that make sense?
yea, I think so. I thought it meant to do the same on the other side, as in, including breaking the yarn. I think I get it - when I get to that part in the pattern it will probably all make sense.
ok, update... I didn't really do it as the pattern described - the math just didn't add up. It would have me doing 3" on the sleeves but it needs 6"... anyway, it's nice. I want to do it again with different yarn. Scroll down just a bit in the blog for a pic:

Also, I don't remember if I ever posted links to my knit eggs, but they're at the same link, scrolling down more.
Sweet! Nice eggs, but that bonnet is LOVELY!!!!
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