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OK, so this is the first thread I've started on here after soaking in sooo much wonderful information from all you mamas for almost a year now. I'm starting to crochet wool soakers and just bought a bunch of the colored Peruvian wool from I called them to find out what they dye their wool with and they said "commercial dyes that the industry normally uses". Does anyone know what that means? Thanks so much!
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Dharma Trading has some and you can always use unsweetened koolaid
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Thanks for the reply, Jessica! I guess my main question was about commercial dyes and what chemicals are in them (hoping their not harsh). I'm trying to make some soakers to sell and wanted to be prepared to answer any questions people have about the dyes in my yarn. Any ideas? Thanks again.
I found this informative site. I think the dye that is normally used is acid dye. There are also natural dyes. If you scroll down, there is a list of different dyes, click on them and they are explained. HTH!
Thanks for that site, Emmama!
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