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knitters: are you making any hats?

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since it'll be early may/late april when our LO arrives i'm thinking it will still be on the crisp side. so i'm thinking a couple of lightweight, cozy hats are in order. wondering if anyone else is working on these? i'd love to see what you mamas like!
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I'm making the one pictured on the front cover of this book because I think it is so cute. I probably won't make any more though because, although she's an autumn baby, the average temps here are 18-25C and I really don't think she's going to need them.
Yes, lots, though not all are wintery.
It will be spring here, early summer, making it's way up to temps over 100 although I'd love to knit her a ton, it's not happening. My MW asks we have 3 on hand (homebirthing) so they can put them on right away and the first day or two to help with temperature. If it is hot, the Air conditioners are going like mad so there is a need, albeit not as much as a winter baby.

In short, I learned to knit making her hats
There's a few different sizes and of the five I've made, three have matching booties of different sizes. Not so much because I was brilliant and thought to make things in different sizes, but I was still getting the hang of managing yarn tension and gauge.
It is nice though, if she has teeny feet or big feet, a small little perfect head or a big molded one she'll be covered. I made my own version of the little hats with the balls on the tops that photographers was really fun and even if she only needs them for one day, I will use the others for some pictures and then perhaps gift them to other preggie mama's I know, or save the favorites for grandbabies!

Once I can figure out how to get shutterfly to allow you all to see, I will post up a pic
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Our midwife is really big into stressing that the beany should wear a hat at all times for the first two weeks- even her homebirth clients are told this.... since I'm in New England and God only knows what the weather will be like when the baby comes
I'd like to make a bunch just in case we have a cold snap once I finish the blanket I'm working on for the kiddo.

I'd love to see pictures of people's finished projects for the babies if they want to post them too!
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Originally Posted by Liberty5_3000 View Post
Yes, lots, though not all are wintery.
do you have the patterns online?

yes, jen...that's where i'm at too. there is no way to know what the weather will be like for us in nyc and on top of that i'm of the belief that newborns should be wearing hats pretty constantly the first coupla days.

here are some i'm considering (they're all ravelry links):

hospital hat

perfect fit hat

simple newborn hat with a touch of lace

i really love this hat but there is no way i am shelling $8 for a baby hat pattern:
pilot cap

this one is similar, but i'm not sure i like all the ribbing for a newb:
aviatrix cap
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I'd like to start knitting a couple, a friend is making me some too and passing on some from her recent newborn. I never seemed to have enough hats with the last two
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Robina- thanks for posting links
I love the look of that "perfect fit" hat and may have to make the one my project!
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I knit a hat to take DD2 home in out of an elastic/cotton blend. It was small, but stretchy. My midwife didn't see the stretchy and commented that I was "optimistic" about the size of my unborn baby's head
(it stretched to fit

Since we're hoping to homebirth I don't know if I'll knit anything special this time, but I'm thinking a soft hat in white cotton or baby acrylic would be nice for springtime...
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May is summer in the high desert here and wondering what yarns you all are using for warmer weather? Someone told me bamboo would be good.
I have A TON of hats from babybel that will fit #2....

So, I'm skipping the hat knitting and working on more soakers/longies/sweaters
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me - I'm due March 22, so DDCC.

I'm making the little hat from the Mason-Dixon 2 knitting book. It's seamed with this zig zag thing. I'm very excited. I CO once, but I messed something up, found the needles slippery and then decided I should make the larger size.
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