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Knitters - where do you buy your wool?

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Where do you get your wool from for soakers? I saw that I
at Little Turtle Knits! Any others? Thanks
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Best place to go to is a local yarn store! I've never ordered yarn from online--I really need to touch it before I buy it
. If you have a specialty yarn store nearby, they are almost always awesome.

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moving to sewing and crafts... where a search will probably turn up some good results for ya!
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Living in South Florida, the LYS are pretty short on wool yarns. I visited three today, and one carried a small selection of merino, another had a few skeins of Plymouth Galway, and the last doesn't carry wool of any kind (even blends). I want to use Outback Wool and Ecological Wool and all these other cool wools I read about. So buying online is the only option for some of us.

The yarn from Holy Sheep Yarns is very sturdy and durable; it knits up nicely.
Fabriconnection has choices: Bartletts 2- and 3-plys, and a 2-ply that is a little bulkier and sometimes bulky but amazingly soft. That yarn is my current favorite.
I've found the LTK yarn to be a bit rough at first, but after washing and lanolizing, the roughness goes away.
I've purchased yarn from these places, too, but I haven't rec'd all of my orders yet:
Beaverslide Dry Goods
St. Peter Woolen Mill

I've read recommendations for these stores:

Have fun looking!
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Honestly I get most of my yarn from a local farm, but when they are running low I use a LYS which has an amazing selection (but in Michigan wool is a major seller- Lucky for me)

I have NEVER gone wrong with the yarn from fabriconnection either, they are super soft (I was just winding some and noticing how 'lanolized' my fingers felt after LOL) and really make great soakers. I would go with the 2 ply for a regular cover, and then a 3 ply if your looking for a bulky overnighter. I have both and like them both equally. I haven't tried LTK or the Holysheep yarn though. Jess (at fabriconnection) also does a GREAT job dying the yarns if your looking for pre-dyed yarn in beautiful colors!
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