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Knitting directions help

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Okie dokie so I'm about to cast on for the bunny toy in my other post. I just read through the directions and am already stuck. This can't be good considering it's in the first row!

It says: Knit into front and back of first st.

Ok so how do I do that? It's talking about the one cast on stitch.

(Here's the link for those who didn't participate in my other thread )
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start your knit stitch. Insert the right handed needle into your first stitch on the left needle, knitwise, and knit it but do not remove the stitch from the left hand needle. Now take your right handed needle and insert it into the backside loop of the same stitch you just knitted on the left hand needle, knit it, this time removing it from the left hand needle. You have now increased your stitches by one.

and if that's confusing, go here
scroll down a little more than halfway- on the right hand side, it'll say "bar increases" and k1f&b, afa kfb - that shows you how to do it
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