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Knitting for the Fair?

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The Central Florida Fair is coming up and I was looking at the brochure for entries. I decorate cakes and have entered in the Confectionary Arts Department before. I have also done vegetarian cooking demostrations at the fair for the last 4 years in a row. However, since I hadn't been knitting for several years, I've never entered in that department.

I don't think I want to enter this year. The fair is 4/19 -- 29 and I have my in-laws here visiting during that time. The entry form is due on 3/20, although the actual items do not have to be delivered until the week before the fair. However, I could start knitting for next year if I wanted. The rules say you can enter items that have been made from January 1, 2006 through the beginning of the fair.

In addition to winning money if you get a ribbon, you can also sell your knitted items to fair goers. You set the price, and the fair volunteers actually take care of the actual selling. The fair takes a 5% commission on sales.

So, it got me thinking. Have any of you ever entered your knitting in your County or State Fair?
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