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Knitting how to instructions/ book?

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I have crocheting in plain english, which is SO much better than the learn to crochet pamphlet I had to learn with... but I want to know how to knit now... please reccomend a book (much easier than looking at a website although I can do that too but need a reference book)
I was thinking about getting knitting in plain english

also, what is this combined purling people are talking about that is faster... I want fast
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I don't know anything about combined purling but I used Stitch n Bitch and I found it really clear and easy to understand.

OT - where is this automatic reply I read about? I actually had to TYPE out this post!!!! I want to sit back and let the system decide how to reply... POUT.
i picked up a "knit this" kit at target the other day (they were on sale for $3!!) and it ame with a DVD that was very good. It really helped me to *see* someone do it.

Also i got my dd a Klutz knotting book that is pretty clear. but also very basic.
Knitting in Plain English is really good. It doesn't have a lot of clear photographs, but the written instructions are very clear. I used it to learn. It covers everything from very basic to more advanced techniques, so it can take you a long way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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