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I have one. It is figuring out I'm the boss of it now...
It is quite the beast to learn!

The "machine" part is a bit dont just push a button and come back to a sweater...
though there are some now that are actually electric.

They are more like looms. You pass a carrage across the needle bed back and forth and it knits each needle by lifting it with magnets.
If you are knitting anything with shaping, you have to hand manipulate the stiches (3 at a time max)... once you get the hang of it , it can be very satisfying.

They are really ment to help if you are someone who wants to spend more time designing and less on the actual knitting...for me I am not quite there yet, still takes me ages to make something unless its a pillow case. And sometimes I find it more limiting than hand knitting because ...well for example mine can not just knit garter stich and ribbing is done by taking the stich off the needle and turning it around and putting it back on again...(I could buy a garter stitch accessory and a ribber attachment...but they are expensive).

... its like lurning a different language...sometimes me and my machine have a few miss understandings

There are also SOOOO many different kinds, its
. First you figure out the basic weight you like to knit in...mines a bulky, but can knit worsted and up, and how much you want to spend...lessons are usually part of the deal.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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