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Knitting Needles in Unknown Size?

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How could I figure out what size these knitting needles are. They are circular needles and I'm pretty sure the brand was Boye. Would I need to knit a swatch and measure somehow? TIA.
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LoL . . . a lot simpler than I had imagined! Thanks a million!
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if you have a caliper (calipers? it's one of those words I don't know how you phrase) you can measure them (the diameter, basically) and then check that against a needle size chart like this one: - you need to know the size in mm ideally.

If you don't want to buy a knit check online (or don't have the patience to wait for the info until it to comes in), your LYS should have one they can measure it with for you. Some knitting how-to books also have a page insert with holes to measure your needles. The Knitter's Companion is one, for sure...
You can get 'em at Wal-Mart and most other mass retailers as well.
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Thanks!! I think my dh may have a caliper somewhere around here. If not, I'll probably just go to the yarn store and have them tell me or get the Knitter's Companion from the library. Thanks again!
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