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knitting pattern for cargo-style shorts?

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I've seen some cargo-style (diaper cover) knitted shorts. My mom is an excellent knitter and has offered to make some for C (2.5mo). I need a pattern and wool for her. I am certainly willing to pay (reasonably) for a pattern, and obviously for the wool.

Where should I look/go???

I looked at LTK, but I really want the shorts style, not longies or just the cover. I guess theoretically we could just make the longies shorties, eh? But if theres a pattern I could get for her, that would help.

Any ideas??

TIA. Virg
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Pamelamama has a shorts knitting class online right now. She's in the process of setting up a domain/website too.
Holy Sheep sells patterns now. Their longies pattern tells how to make various styles of shorts as well.
Anybody got the link to HSY? I tried to google it w/o immediate success.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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