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Hi!I need some advice about knitting.I want to learn how to knit,however no matter how I try.The tension gets tighter and tighter.This does this regardless of what needles or yarn I use.So can someone please advise me on how to learn how to knit?
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Usually it gets really tight if you knit all on the end of your needles. Try scootching the yarn back from the tip a bit and see if that doesn't help.
I think it's also really helpful to have someone who knows how to knit watch you, and be able to see exactly how you do it and to feel your stitches. Do you have a yarn or crafts store near you?
Some of this is practice, practice, practice. I didn't get a "normal" tension until I started tackling rib and seed stitch, and for some reason that helped me ease off a lot.
Usually people purl looser than knit. Maybe if you tackle the purl stitch first- you would not have to fight the tension problem- and after you get good at purl- knit will follow right behind. That approach has the advantage of tacking the "harder" part first- so you may skip the whole "purl is so much harder to learn barrier" If you don't know the difference- you may find purl easier.

I agree with Lydia though- you are probably making your stitches on the points of your needles.

Love Sarah
You may also have your needles (and shoulders) scrunched up and close to your face. Put your needles a comfortable distance from your face, and keep them there
I've found that when teaching people to crochet (yes, I know you are knitting, but the principle applies) they start with their work on the table in front of them, but after a min or two the work is up close to their face and their shoulders are scrunched up (and making things much tighter).

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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