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Yes this is the same person who refused to do cloth wipes before dd was born. I have lots of WAHM freebies and now I'm using them. :LOL I
them! I prefer them to sposies now and even took a conventional wipe sposie container, when I had to buy some in a pinch, (now I just have to wash instead of run to the store.
) moistened a stack and voila! cloth wipes on the go!
That is until I get myself a cute bag.

We're ecing and I'm using a lot more than dipes
(Please don't ban me. My stash last longer between washes which is good and the last wash I didn't even *have* any poopies!) I just washed dieps and I''m about through them. I'd like to get some more and I want some yummy OV and I want some cute printed ones.

Seen any around?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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