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i can't help, but am interested because my 9 mo old was just diagnosed with the same thing. he has had a wheeze for a while and they did a probe and saw the laryngo-thing. he has not been sick a lot or anything and has had no breathing problems. the dr didn't say anything about a treatment for it. i think he said most kids just outgrow it. ds also has a cleft lip and palate so this seems minor for us in term of his 'issues', but it did alarm me a bit. he also had an upper gi because apparently reflux can be tied in with it. he did turn out to have reflux to us which was a suprise because he has never had sypmtoms of it. anyways, i hope someone has some info.

by the way, my other ds did have croup and the baby didn't get it. though that was when this wheeze started. i did not get either of them the flu shot.

sometimes i think its better not to know so much
ignorance can be bliss!!
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