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Knoxville-Recommend me some doctors!!

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Hey Mamas,

I am in need of a good GYN, preferably a group with an OB and a group of midwives (for the future)
We are new to the area and I need to have my annual next month or so. Am almost out of BC pills!

Also, I need the BEST pediatrician in the area. Preferably one who can see children on the weekend (Austin tends to get sick late on Friday nights...
) and who can work with a possible speech delay.

Any info would be appreciated, I will prob. end up interviewing docs anyway, but it helps to be sent in the right direction. TIA!

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I've only heard good things about the midwives at Lisa Ross Birth and Women's Center . They can do your annual and give you a scrip for bc.

I really can't help with the ped. Our current ped is adequate, but I wouldn't say she's the BEST. There are some thing I really like about her, like she's great about breastfeeding but pushes CIO.
It's also really hard to get a well child appt. I called in May and my appt isn't until Aug. That's a long time to wait.

BTW, welcome to Knoxville. I hope you are getting settled!
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Originally Posted by chellybelly
I've only heard good things about the midwives at Lisa Ross Birth and Women's Center .
Hello and welcome to Knoxville!
I actually work at LRBWC and I can personally vouch for the midwives. Working with these women has truly been a blessing for me. I certainly hope you will come see us and I would be glad to give you a tour! I'm sorry I can't help much with pediatricians as I do not have children of my own. I usually tend to rely on the recommendations of my patients.
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Can I go there for gynecological issues and not be pg? Right now alls I need is an annual and some bc. In another couple of years we are going to try for #2, and I would like to establish a relationship with a group before I get pg., yk?

Do you know if the Center takes TRH or Blue Cross?

If it's an OB/GYN setup, I would LOVE To come and get a tour from you!
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Yes, we do see GYN patients as well--many in fact! In addition to our four CNMs, we also have a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. She is wonderful as well. I know we are contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield and you will have to enlighten me as to TRH? Let me know when you will be coming (I work Tues-Thurs) and I would love to show you around!
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Hi there Alison,

I am embarassed, we are on BCBS now and we got it through TRH (Tennessee Rural Health, a.k.a Farm Bureau)

I am ready to look around your practice! I'll call on Tuesday (7/27) and ask for you. let me know if this is unacceptable. I'll PM you my number as I don't have daily email access....

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The birth center is where I wanted to give birth. I just couldn't convinve my husband, since between having Ben and getting pregnant again, I had high blood pressure. My OB thinks it was caused by the pill. (I'd never taken the pill before.) My bp is fine now, but my dh is still terrified that we wouldn't be in the hospital in case somehting went wrong.

Nicole - DH Philip - DS Benjamin Jacob 9/30/03 - Baby #2 EDD 12/30/04
I was lucky enough to have these wonderful women as part of my birthing experience. I was planning on having waterbirth at LRBWC, but was unable to because of some difficulty. Fortunatly, one of the midwives was able to deliver my son while at the hospital. They came to check up on me every day and were EXTREMELY helpful-- especially when I was having some trouble with the hospital's lactation consultant. I would choose to work with these women again! They are some of the kindest, warmest people I have ever met.
I found out about Lisa Ross Birth & Women's Center through the Anderson County Health Dept. when I asked about waterbirthing and if it was available in East TN. I transferred from OB/Gyn Associates of Oak Ridge to LRBWC when I was 27 weeks pregnant. I couldn't have made a better choice. The birthing center has been wonderful, and it's the ONLY place I've found that offers a waterbirthing option in our area. Unfortunately, my baby decided a couple weeks ago to flop into a breech presentation. Definately not part of my ideal birth, but the staff at LRBWC have been so supportive and helpful and though I won't be able to have my baby at the center, they did help me feel a lot more at ease about my current predicament and they directed me to a really nice doc (Dr. Leonard Brabson) at St. Mary's who will be delivering my baby early tomorrow morning.
QuietTempest - I'm SO glad you posted! I wanted to go with the Lisa Ross Center originally. I was borderline high blood pressure (which resolved itself and is no better than it ever was!), and dh was nervous. I've got him oopen to at least having an interview and tour. I was afraid at 24 weeks, it was too late. I'm calling first thing tomorrow!
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