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Kombucha with organic tea - I have questions

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So my friend got a SCOBY from Laurel Farms (recommended Kombucha supplier in NT). She passed a baby to me, along with a copy of the Laurel Farms instructions. They say not to use organic tea because it can cause mold. NT says to definitely use organic tea because non-organic has high levels of fluoride.

about this. I know someone who used to brew kombucha and they said they used organic tea with no problems. Why would the Laurel Farms instructions say this?

I bought non-organic tea just to get me started (just got my third batch going), but I'm about out and am going shopping today. What should I buy?
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I've been making kombucha with organic tea for about 7 or 8 years, and have never had any mold develop.
Okay good - because I bought organic tea today! I can't figure out why they said that?!
Personally I can't fathom ever recommending someone use non-organic tea for anything. Why expose yourself to chemicals in the pesticides, etc. used to farm conventional tea? How would lack of those chemicals encourage the growth of mold? (and even if they do, how would that be worth it? I think I'd consider not drinking kombucha if that were the case)

The only time I've every had a batch develop mold was once when I forgot to add the sugar (woops!) and I always use organic tea.
I always use organic tea too!
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