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Hi Mamas,<br><br>
Have any of you had any experience taking your kids to a Kool Smiles clinic?<br>
These are state-of-the-art clinics specifically for kids on Medicaid dental coupons. No calling a dentist and asking if they take Medicaid and always having to hear "no"...its a really inspiring concept as it meets the needs of kids who can't afford dental care (I've been in those shoes with mine before)<br><br>
I am considering a job there as an Outreach Coordinator, but I would not feel good about it if I knew that any breastfeeding mom had a bad dental experience. Of course, I'd have some positive input perhaps in that arena, with suggestions of how they could market to natural families (be respectful of night nursing, declining xrays and no flouride)<br><br>
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