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Kozy Karrier wearers

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I am on the waiting list for the KK, but can you really wear it on your hip? The web site says you can but only shows one picture and it looks a little strange. What do you think? Have you done it? Is it comfortable and easy?
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I made my own, so maybe it's a little different. But it is only comfortable for 10-15 minutes with my 35 pounder. I didn't put padding in the straps and I'm not very big. However, it's so comfortable on my back, I don't care that the hip carry doesn't work for us.
I've never tried the hip carry in my Kozy. I usually use it for the back carry. If I want to use the hip hold, I think a pouch or ring sling would be easier IMO.
Kelley has pretty detailed instructions on her site now with pictures. Look under 'instructions' and there's a link to 'hip carry.' have fun!
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