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Kudos for Kecci

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I bought a Kecci Shanghai bag at Nordstrom Rack the other day, but it didn't have the changing pad with it. They offered me a discount so I bought it anyway thinking I could probably just order a replacement from the Kecci site.

So, Friday afternoon I e-mailed Kecci about ordering a replacement pad . Within minutes, I received an e-mail saying they'd send one out that afternoon if I got back to them with my address. No mention of price, but I figured it couldn't be all that expensive and the bag was a good deal anyway, so I wasn't concerned. I got the replacement pad in the mail on Monday! There was no invoice or anything, so I e-mailed Kecci to find out what I owed for the pad and they e-mailed me back (again, super fast) to say that I didn't owe anything for the pad. And it wasn't even like the pad was defective or anything! I said right in the e-mail that it was lost.

I just had to post here about it because I love companies with good customer service and Kecci really went above and beyond. I would gladly have paid for the pad they sent and still been thrilled with how efficiently everything was handled!

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I have never seen one close up but they do look very nice in pictures.
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Awesome!! That is great customer service! What color did you get?
I bought one off the TP and love it!!! I am hoping to have my SIL snag me another one before she heads home in September. None of the stores here carry them.
I love my Kecci. It's so nice to hear that their CS is so outstanding!
That is awesome!

We borrowed a swing from a friend of ours for dd. It was battery opperated. The motor stopped. I freaked because we couldn't afford to buy a new swing.

I called Graco.....told them I had BORROWED the swing, the motor stopped working, and asked if there was any way I could just purchase the parts. They got all of my info and said, "We will be sending out an entire new upper half of the swing" I asked how much it was going to be The lady said, "Nothing.....we stand by our products. I am so sorry that it is not working and you had to take the time to try to get it fixed."

when that type of stuff happens. Makes me feel all warm inside!
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that is so cool. love to hear stories like that. makes me want to buy another kecci.
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I got the cornsilk one, it's a sort of pale yellow/ivory color with gold and is absolutely stunning in person (the pictures online just don't do them justice). But I'm such a dork - this is my THIRD! I bought a black one first, and then I saw a turquoise one I liked and bought it too, figuring I'd return one. I couldn't decide which one I liked the best, so I decided to keep the turquoise one because it was a little cheaper. I was at Nordstrom returning the black one when I saw the yellow one, and now I have the same dilemma! They're so different so I may just keep them both. The turquoise one was pretty cheap and I'll get nice warm fuzzy feelings whenever I use the yellow one.

AngelBee, that's great! I've never dealt with Graco, but I've always heard very good things about their customer service. I love it when companies stand behind their products like that.
Where can you get one online? I've been sort of looking around for one, and I can't get it locally. TIA!
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