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Yikes. The UN Security Council agrees unanimously, Dubya Inc. is all grins and giggles, and then the Kurds go throwing them some chin music:

"Both major Kurdish parties - the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan - conferred Wednesday to consider a response to the decision not to refer to the interim constitution in the resolution. The interim charter, adopted in March, affirms the principle of federalism.

"Kurds fear that the interim constitution, which the Americans hailed as the most progressive in the Middle East, will be sidelined once the occupation ends and the Shiite clergy gains ascendancy."

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While Bush is perfectly happy with the majority squishing the minority (see: Gay Rights) I do not consider it hopeful.

Why has there not been more discussion of a Kurdish state? More pointedly, why is Iraq considered unified when SH did not have control of the northern section *anyway*?

And can you imagine:

Power cuts in the country have now reached more than 16 hours a day, making it difficult to cope with soaring heat, which is already more than 100 degrees.
I can't read that as an improvement!
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