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I'm a new mom (6 weeks) and would love to meet some moms in my area, but I've had a hard time finding like-minded people to connect with(not sure why, bc I consider myself to be pretty normal!).<br>
-I'm open-minded, but not religious, or conservative. (Unitarian Universalist if I had to pick one) To be honest, I guess I dislike organized religions.<br>
-I tried like hell to breastfeed, but it just didn't work. Bummed about that.<br>
-Love the idea of attachment parenting, but not fanatic with it --i.e. I don't think swings are evil! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br>
-I'm 30, married, this is our first, after 2 losses.<br>
-Not from here originally-- I'm a Yankee, and hubby's from NC (no family here)<br>
-After MUCH agonizing, decided to not circumcise our son, which most people around here think is really weird.<br><br>
Anyone else have any similar feelings?
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