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Hello Fellow Mamas!

I am currently in the process of finishing a business plan to open an enrichment education center focusing on expecting parents, new parents and young children, with an emphasis on building community around families. I am strongly leaning towards locating in the Westlake Village area and I would LOVE some input/feedback/questions.

I have a brief (7 questions!) survey that I've created and would be so very, very happy with any feedback I can get. Please take 2 minutes to help me out!

Thanks, Ladies. It's all for the best!!
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I've been swamped! I'll go check it out right now!

Anyone else???
Hi Melina, please make sure to connect with me if and when you do get something started - I'd be glad to help spread the word. I own/run a bf/ap retail store in Ventura - Mothers Guild - and an online diaper store - Baby Belle Bottoms. I can help hook you up with some good resources!

I used to be the manager at A Mother's Haven, in Encino, so I know of your store.

I would love to come meet you sometime soon. Is there a good time to stop by?
I'm here at the store M-W-F-Sat (home with my 2 boys T & th). Why don't you call me on wed at the store and we can figure out what we need in terms of time and take it from there? 805 667 2115.

Cool that you managed the store in Encino.

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mmg, and cc, i swear i was going to hook you two up. really! but you've done it all on your own
... yay!

mg are you moving out toward VC?
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Hi Cathy,

So sorry - I got SWAMPED yesterday. I'll give you a call around 10:30 tomorrow morning and maybe we can hook up!

Thanks for your support!

(and thanks, Ninette, for all your help!)

P.S. No, I'm not planning to move out that way any time soon. I would LOVE to, but it's not in the cards at the moment. We'll see. . .
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