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***LLL of Hollywood/Silver Lake Meeting Reminder***<br><br>
La Leche League of Hollywood/Silver Lake meeting Wednesday,<br>
May 12, 2010. 10am-12pm at the Silver Lake Recreation Center.<br><br>
Are you pregnant? Have a question about breastfeeding your 4 month<br>
old? Need help with sleep issues? Looking for like-minded moms?<br><br>
La Leche League of Hollywood Silverlake is a free breastfeeding help<br>
group where you can get information and support.<br><br>
We have a great free lending library of breastfeeding, weaning,<br>
nutrition, gentle discipline, parenting, Attachment Parenting, and<br>
pregnancy books.<br><br>
The meeting location is at the Silver Lake Recreation Center at the<br>
edge of Silver Lake Reservoir (next to the dog park). The facility has<br>
an outdoor, partially enclosed playground and sand play area. The<br>
indoor meeting space is a large room with table space and chairs. Free<br>
street parking is available. Pregnant women, mothers,<br>
babies and children are welcome.<br><br>
1850 West Silver Lake Drive<br>
Los Angeles, CA 90026<br>
Phone: (323) 644-3946<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Bring a pregnant friend or family member!<br><br>
See you there or give us a call anytime for phone help.<br><br>
Liza (424) 653-8599<br>
Jessica (917) 501-0666<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Feel free to forward this reminder.
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