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label maker recomendation

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My mom is trying to organize my grandmothers apt. A loosing battle if you ask me as my mom has *ideas* on how to organize, but IME if the person living there is not commited to doing some occasional upkeep the system, no mater how great is doomed to failure.
Anywhoo, she thinks having everything labeled would help. I have a lable maker, but mine is in Japanese and no so user friendly for my mom.

Any recomendations? I have been browsing at Amazon and Office Depot.

Ideal would be large print as gram is 94 and her eyesight is not the best.
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I like my Brother PT Touch label maker. You can adjust the font size and style and it uses several different sizes of sticker tape, so you could make it big, bold and wide. It has helped me get more organized and allows my ds and dh to find things too.
Brother PT touch as well--refills are a bit pricey....but they stay on very well and I love to label and organize!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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