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Lacing Beads - Where To Buy?

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I'm looking to buy some lacing beads for my daughter but I can't seem to find any websites that sell them (and the ones that do are sold out). I'd appreciate any links to websites that sell them! Thanks
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kazoo toys sells them. not sure what their web address is exactly. i got an "easy-make snake" at target. it's got about 10 big beads and then voila! it's a snake too!
I bought some at target, in their new wooden toy section. I's a cute little snake.
They were $15.
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Toys R Us carries the Melissa & Doug brand (nice wooden, educational toys), and they make several types of the lacing beads.
My dd has a couple of lacing things and my FAVORITE (and the ones she mastered first) were by 'Ryan's Room' and I found them at Target, right next to the lacing snake. They are a little 'town' and oh-so-cute. The best part about them is that the 'thread' has a large, wooden needle on the end and can be made shorter or longer with an extension.
Thanks for the replies. I guess I should have specified - I'm in Canada and we don't have Target here. I'm looking for online stores because nothing around me sells wooden toys. Costco doesn't sell toys except at Christmas time and Toys R Us has only 2 M&D toys.

I'm on my way to the Kazoo toys place

Any other ideas are welcome!
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You can get a lot of the M&D toys from I don't know how much they charge to ship to Canada though...
Amazon won't ship anything to Canada besides DVDs, books or CDs.
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Try Gummy Lump:

I noticed that they do ship to Canada and I can tell you that they have great customer service.

Another choice may be Lakeshore Learning:

They have great products although I am not sure about their shipping regulations.

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I've also used a shoelace (a boot one that is a bit stiffer is better) and old wooden thread spools, which I happened to have around.
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