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lactation consultant - Jersey City area URGENT

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Hi everyone,

I urgently need a lactation consultant in Jersey City area for my sister-in-law. She has very inverted nipples and needs help. I'm going there right now and will help as much as i can, but i never dealt with this problem while nursing my two kids.

Thank you!
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not lc's but free & can help w/ inverted nipples:

the us helpline is 24/hr 877 4 La Leche.

good luck to your SIL - sounds like she's lucky to have you!

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Thank you! Things are getting better. She was able to nurse her son with some of my milk (it's not the best choice because my son is 15 months, but it's still better then formula). She was pumping for a day/two and now her milk came in and she is putting him on a breast constantly. I think pumping helped tremendously with her nipples.... Thank you! i will give her the info.
The LC I saw when I had a similar problem with my first son is in Chatham (Lactation Resource Center), so not terribly close to Jersey City, but I'll tell you what she had me do. She gave me a nipple shield (these are available at Target) and had me use it for a few weeks until my nipples were permanently drawn out. Until then, the shield gave my son something to latch onto! I went in for frequent weight checks, just to be sure he was transferring milk well with the shield, but everything worked out great!

Congrats to your SIL -- with so much support she will do just fine!
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