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I don't know that you could support a family on the income you would receive from becoming a breastfeeding counselor. However, some options are:

Open a breastpump rental station (you can do this from your home). You can rent and sell breastpumps and other breastfeeding related products and at the same time you can gain hours towards becoming and IBCLC (You will need an IBCLC to "supervise" your breastfeeding hours, but they don't have to supervise your work renting pumps, etc) If you are interested in this option, contact Hollister or Medela. Hollister has lower requirements on the amount of inventory & number of pumps needed to start an account.

Teach breastfeeding classes at your local hospital or birthing center. This can be hard to get started at if you are not a nurse, but it can be done (I did). You can also advertise with local Ob and Midwife practices and teach private breastfeeding classes. You can also do private breastfeeding education sessions one-on-one, as long as you don't represent yourself as an IBCLC. It is a good idea to have a local IBCLC you can refer difficult cases too. Make up flyers to take to OB's, Family practice docs etc. to advertise.

Best wishes to you!

p.s. Feel free to PM or email me if you have questions. I recently certified as an IBCLC and am more than willing to help others along the way.
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