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Lactation Consultants

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Does anyone know how someone becomes a LC?? Are they nurses by training, or can someone who is not a nurse become one??
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They are not necessarily nurses. Do a search on on it--there are a couple sites... The process of becoming a certified LC is long and involved, but there's no nursing/medical experience required as a pre-requisite as far as I understand. (I'm contemplating starting the process...) LLL also has some guidelines on becoming an LC on their site as well...sorry don't have the links readily available!
Here's how to become a board certified lactation consultant:
Or you can start by becoming a lactation councellor through CAPPA or DONA or get involved with LLL. I'm leading with LLL so I councel women on breastfeeding but I'm a volenteer. It takes years to get enough practical experience for IBCLC certs so you have to be doing it first right? I'm helping moms and I may look into it 5 years or so....right now I'm busy getting some great firsthand experience :bf
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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