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Lactation Consultants

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Do most insurance companies cover a visit with an LC? If not how much would they cost? Does it differ from State to State? I am in Ohio.
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You might try looking at
Some do, some don't. See if your ped will refer your baby for "feeding issues". That will make insurance more likely to pay. Call your insurance co and check w/ them.
Look for IBCLC certification, and call them and ask about insurance issues. They probably know how to deal with the insurance aspect of their practice.
Call your LLL. She may know of "free" Lactations Clinics funded by Federal Grants. We have many here in CA. I refer Moms all the time.
My employer pays for my LC (not insurance though - it's a program they have for bfing mothers) but when i talked to a LC at the hospital, she said she charged $90 for a home visit. Yikes!!! I'm in NJ.
Our insurance didn't pay for ours. She was over $100 but worth every penny and she came to our house the day after Christian was born. I would call LLL though. They could help you out finding someone in your area
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