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I was at a friends house yesterday nursing my 23 month old DS. I always do it round there and it's never been an issue although her boyfriend tends to go red and look away. She just laughs at him about it. But when I was round there yesterday nursing, my friend was upstairs and I was just talking to her boyfriend when he said "I didnt realise you could breastfeed for so long"

He didnt say it in a nasty way and it led to a great conversation about how the WHO recommends 2 years or more (I carry round a printout with that on it because my dads friends often make rude comments and I like to be able to go "well look at this!"). He asked how long I thought I would feed and I just explained that I'd stop when DS stops. He was also curious how I'd juggle 2 nurslings (I'm 6 months pregnant) and I just said "well I've got 2 boobs!"

But yeah, its made me happy because he looked me in the eye while talking to me rather that being all embarassed, and because I got to educate him a little. Woo, normalised breastfeeding to one more person!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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