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Hello everyone, I've been doing something for the local hospitals and I thought I'd share it here. It's an inexpensive way to get the great word of breastfeeding out there. I've delivered in the hospital twice. Once by choice and once from being backed into a corner after being 42 weeks trying to VBAC. My point is that I never got any reliable breastfeeding information both times. I got the formula company's breastfeeding advice pamphlets but we all know how those can be inaccurate.

I live in a smallish area 40K people per town and there is two towns very close together with two hospitals. I've gone up there and spoke with the lactation consultant and support persons about making them breastfeeding bags filled with helpful tips and good advice. At the hospitals in my area these people are also head nurses so that helps out as well. I have been making the bags fairly cheap. I'm using materials from the local WIC office and some from LLL. You can go to a WIC office and request the info from a breastfeeding peer counselor or go to this website for free publications (if you are in Texas) There might be similar order forms in other states. I also ordered free samples of Lanisoh and Motherwear booklets. I always include a license to breastfeed card, a 'trouble shooting' to bf questions sheet, a 'bf facts sheet' and a LLL meeting notice. I put all of the info in a store brand ziploc storage bag, and that is very inexpensive, too. The nurses give these to every breastfeeding mother and I really believe that it can make a difference.

I've also been calling the hospitals asking them to become Baby-Friendly. Here is an introductory packet that I've been sending to the hospitals and following up on. One of the hospitals is in the works of trying to make it possible.

My next goal is to make bf bags for the OB offices around here.

Thanks for listening to my inexpensive way of getting the message out there and I hope that some of you consider doing this to help out your local moms and babies as well.

I'd love to hear other ways to help out if any of you have outreach projects.
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