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Okay, so for some/many people the major factor in not breastfeeding is that they don't have time to really learn about breastfeeding before they get assaulted by people telling them that the baby's weight gain isn't normal, that their milk should already be in, that the baby needs formula for "jaundice", etc.

At the same time our government has a program in place to encourage all women who have any chance at all of getting pregnant (including people using BCPs and IUDs, etc) to have folic acid.

I was thinking, why not have Surgeon General's recommendations for breastfeeding on all prenatal/'women's'/folic acid vitamin bottles? Why not have little blurbs in all of those "folic acid is soooooooooo important" articles that say something like "to give a clear analogy folic acid is almost more important before pregnancy than breastfeeding is after pregnancy and it's much easier to get started"?

For that matter, bottles of alcohol have warnings on them, why not add a line "Learn about breastfeeding, support the women in your life."?
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