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Lactivism Works!

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I love this board!
I just thought I should share that ALL of your efforts count.
Although you probably already know it.
3 years ago I didn't want to BF..... At all!
People like all of you really helped.
When my sweet babe is born there will be one less
baby missing out on mama's magic milk.
So the next time you feel discouraged,
Know that all the nurse-ins, speaking up, and NIP, really do help.
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That's good to know. Just out of curiosity, can you name the one thing that convinced you?
How wonderful.
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Let me see, what helped change me?
It was a gradual process, taking place over the years.
My mother thought bf was gross, needless and overrated.

So it was seeing other people nip.
And watching a close mdc friend do it.
(I love that milky grin)
Mothering photography.
A news story on the LLL.
That helped a great deal.

But interestingly enough,
it was Barbara Walters and Peggy O'Mara.

I was e-mailed a clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show,
about Barbara shooting off her mouth, the nurse-in, ect.
I read Peggy's editorial "Breastfeeding in Whose Public".
And a lactivist was born.

As I said before it all helps.
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(I love that milky grin, too...)
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