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I just wanted share...

I am living in Hungary for four months with my (Hungarian) DH and our 9 mo DD. We are in the big city, Budapest, and it is not a terribly progressive place.

I asked a local where it is "acceptable" or usual to see mama's nursing and she told me nowhere except occasionally at the playground.

Well my DD is mostly EBF still and has been sick since we got here so there is no way I am going to deny her the only source of nutrients she has, especially when she hasn't been nursing as much as usual either.

So when we are on the tram or in a restaurant, I have been nursing her. I am discreet, i.e. the whole boob doesn't make an appearance, but I do not pretend I am doing something else or try to cover with a shawl (DD just pulls it off and plays peekaboo when I do...)

So, I was a little uncomfortable at first and my DH said to me, "Honey, change Hungary for the better. Nurse wherever you want. I will be by your side to make sure you don't get any trouble."

Sigh. Sometimes he is more feminist than I am, but now he is even a better, more confidant lactivist!

And I am nursing with confidence now!
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